Blind Twest
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Timeline Little bit of history... Blind Twest is a Twitter timeline game that was initially developed in 2016 and open for more than a year, gathering more than 100,000 players.

4 years later, Blind Twest comes back in a totally new version, we hope you will enjoy it.
Concept What's the purpose? You know your friends in real life but do you really know them on Twitter? Blind Twest was created to find out how well you know your friends on Twitter by making you guess if tweets appearing in your timeline have been published by that friend.

At the end of your challenge, you'll be given your score based on the correct answers and how long it took you to get there.
Game How to play? 1 — Find a friend to challenge (they don't need to be online).

2 — Guess if the tweets we show you have been published by your friend.

3 — You will see your score and detailed results, and you'll be able to share them.
Join the waiting list Only 10 000 places available.